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Bringing the race track, airfield, the classroom

We're creating STEM educational resources that are fun, relevant and engaging. 

STEM Workbooks

Click the images to download the workbooks.

The workbooks were designed for use trackside at the F1 Australian Grand Prix (AGP) and MotoGP, featuring the annual AGP Challenges. These workbooks incorporate science educational content suitable for enriching classroom instruction or homeschool learning throughout the year.

Our latest addition of the Nuclear-Powered Submarine Propulsion Challenge workbook delves into the science behind nuclear-powered submarines, offering rich and comprehensive content.

Race Tracks

What teachers are saying about our workbooks

“The Science of AVs booklet included very interesting information and succinct explanations to engage our students. Great for students to see links between what they are learning in class and how this is applied in industry” 

—  Glen Waverley Secondary College -

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