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How We're Growing Australia's High Tech Economy 

Educational Resources 

We're reinvigorating STEM learning one topic at a time. ​We work with innovative companies to create educational resources that contain real world examples of STEM in action for students in grades 4-10.  

Educational Resources

Curriculum Inspiration

The STEM Hub team co-create STEM curricula by working together with schools, industry and government. 


Our content is measured against student engagement ensuring we're continually updating material.   

Read about our STEM Curriculum Hack.

Curriculum Redesign

Hackathons & Challenges 

We facilitate STEM based innovation hackathons and challenges designed to bring students, educators and industry together to work on real business problems. 


Read about our Telstra Analytics and Machine Learning Hackathon and BAE Systems Autonomous Vehicle Challenge.

Social Programs

Social & Cultural Impact Projects

We work with diverse groups across Australia and internationally to create culturally inclusive educational content. Our aim is to increase participation in STEM education and careers for everyone. 

Help us achieve this by partnering with us.

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