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Glen Waverley Secondary College Shines On Stage with Deputy Premier Ben Carroll at the F1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix!

Updated: May 24

At the 2024 F1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix, Glen Waverley Secondary College’s Senior Division winners of STEM Hub's HydroBot Rumble Challenge, captivated the audience during a special Q&A session with The Honorable Ben Carroll, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Minister for Medical Research. The all-girl team showcased their knowledge and passion for STEM subjects, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Deputy Premier Ben Carroll with Glen Waverley Secondary College’s Team Hindenburg, celebrating their HydroBot Rumble victory at the 2024 F1 Australian Grand Prix

The Deputy Premier engaged the team with insightful questions about their innovative hydro-powered robot, the design process, and their experiences leading up to the competition.

The session was a powerful moment of inspiration for students and educators alike. The team’s ability to handle complex questions with poise and their evident camaraderie and teamwork served as a testament to the importance of encouraging young women in STEM fields. Their performance on stage was met with enthusiastic applause and admiration from the audience, further solidifying their role as role models for aspiring scientists and engineers.

This event underscored the significance of supporting and celebrating young talent in STEM, demonstrating the impact of educational initiatives and competitions like the HydroBot Rumble Challenge. Team Hindenburg’s remarkable journey and their interaction with Minister Carroll not only highlighted their individual achievements but also the broader potential of STEM education to shape future innovators.


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