The Importance of Networking

We all do something for a reason. I woke up early today to finish an assignment. Why? I am motivated to work hard in the mornings because the rest of the world is asleep. If I didn’t know why I did the things I do, then I wouldn’t find the motivation to do them.  This translates to my motivation for studying at university.  I have dreams that require a tertiary education. I dreamt of acing my subjects, receiving my degree, and getting a job.  

Along the way I learnt things are not as simple or straight-forward. I needed to check off a few things while I was studying at university.  Academic achievements were just as important to attain as career building skills. A notable career building skill is networking.  People feel dread when they hear this word. Amidst its associated negative connotations, networking truly is a skill every student needs. Why? For me, networking is a chance to figure yourself out and your environment. I was in second year of my studies when I went to a career event for the first time. I’ve read about networking beforehand to prepare me for a night of “casual conversation”. Needless to say, it was as casual as sitting on cacti. I did, however, feel ready. I made a few connections and nearing the end of the night, I unexpectedly landed my first internship.

A handshake here and a signature there, I started my journey into data analytics and consulting. My days working at a fast-food restaurant barely prepared me for days in the office. Customer face to face interactions decreased whilst analytical and consulting skills increased. I came out of the internship ready to tackle the next challenge.  That internship would not have been possible if I hadn’t prepared and networked.

Looking back, most of that came down to luck. I did work hard but I give credit to my ability to bump into people who need help to do a job.  In reality, networking is not a one-off, see-ya-never conversation. It is a series of conversations from initial handshake to semi-regular coffee catch-ups. It is a genuine relationship whether mentor-mentee, colleague, or yoga partner. Students often misunderstand what networking means; a prime example is connecting with someone over LinkedIn and never speaking to them ever again.  In 2013, Porter Gale published a book on networking and how it is a powerful career advancement tactic. That book coined the famous line: “Your network is your net worth.”  

So, go out there and know that networking is all about finding that genuine connection.  To get started with networking go to or if you’re still not sure and have questions just contact us

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