A passion for STEM education is why we do what we do.

STEM Academy

STEM Academy comprises of our Education Media, and School Program initiatives; we leverage our partner network to offer resources that accelerate learning through market-leading educational materials and technologies.

We work with educators (K-12 and university), and our industry partners to bridge the gap between industry and education, drive innovation and develop talent through STEM based educational materials and technologies. Our experienced team of educators, scientists, and engineers aim to improve foundational skills in STEM areas, and by enhancing mathematical, scientific, and technological literacy to ensure students are well prepared for the future.  

School (K-12)

We work with schools to create dynamic educational resources that enrich classroom lessons and support teachers to ensure that students are actively exploring real world problems and challenges using problem based learning.

Our educational resources enable students to see how scientific method can be applied to everyday real world applications while focusing on critical thinking, and collaboration using tools that are relevant to them.

Higher Education

Our STEM based innovation challenges are aimed at bringing together tertiary students with industry to work on real business problems.

These events provide students with a means to challenge themselves, work in cross functional teams, and to network with prospective employers while allowing industry to assess future talent in action, provide additional branding opportunities and drive innovative thinking.

Industry Partnerships

Partnership is at the heart of all our programs as we offer relevant education materials and technologies to support innovation and talent development.

Through our partnership program, we enable sustainable collaboration between educational institutions, technology partners, distributors, and publishers to keep pace with industry change.

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Meet our new team

Did someone say geeks? We’re a mixed bag of educators, scientists, and one engineer – we want to change the latter – with extensive experience in industry, government and education. 

Dr. Jo Zimpel
Founder/Head Geek

A self proclaimed lover of all things STEM, Jo has 10 years' experience working in various industries including pharmaceuticals, defence, mining and telecommunications.

Jo is passionate about growing STEM awareness and inspiring kids of all ages to embrace STEM learning and careers. She specialises in writing technical content for STEM educational material having spent her PhD candidacy teaching university students the fundamentals of physics, chemistry and material science.

She completed her PhD at Western Sydney University in Chemistry, and holds a BSc (Hons) in Physics. She's currently undertaking a Masters of Analytics at RMIT.

Olivia Ilic
Education Officer

Olivia is a researcher, designer and specialises in educational experiences and products in the areas of creativity, social impact and enterprise skills development.

She loves to volunteer and if she isn't facilitating workshops or hackathons you'll find her judging at inaugural events including the Monash University Education Awards and Conferences, and the Australian Teachers of Media Awards.

She's passionate about educational futures and has embarked on a PhD in the same area with Monash University.

Leona Norris
Education Officer

Leona's expertise spans the convergence of people and technology with varied and global experience, across different professional sectors (Government, Private, School, College, Higher Education).

Completing a Master of Science in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (MICL) has provided her with interdisciplinary innovation and problem solving in which to tackle challenges, and to proactively manage the change process associated with the introduction of new and innovative educational practices.

Sarah Ganly
Education Officer

Sarah Ganly has 18 years' experience as an educator across a variety of sectors including primary, secondary, tertiary and Vocational Education and Training (VET). She has also worked in the corporate sector as a Content and Learning Specialist for Pearson Australia. Her most recent professional role as an Educational Designer at Monash University has honed her skills in educational and curriculum design with a focus on the development and delivery of online learning modules.

Sarah offers expertise in the application of pedagogical theory and practical experience in analysing complex teaching and learning situations to develop innovative learning solutions.

Hannah Beveridge
Education Officer

Hannah is a facilitator, researcher, writer and designer. This unique combination of a deep understanding of design and innovation processes and an appreciation of the psychology of human behaviour and social structures positions her well to help organisations and groups transform what they do, and how and where they do it.

Hannah has worked with clients in both the public and private sector undergoing transformation by facilitating conversations ranging from a focus on organisational culture, values and business drivers, to an exploration of process and activities required to deliver public services. She holds a Masters of Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, and qualifications in Social Sciences and Interior Architecture. ​

Fiona McLean

Dr. Fiona McLean
Education Officer

Experienced Educational Designer and Academic with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Fiona is skilled in Educational Design, Learning Design, Academic and Teacher Professional Development, Student Engagement, Blended and Online Learning, Rural Education, Lecturing, Instructional Design, Facilitation, and Research.

Fiona is also passionate about giving back and is currently a Committee Member with Skyline Education Foundation Australia, a not for profit that provides support to gifted and talented students, from socially and financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Fiona completed her PhD at the University of Wollongong in Education.

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