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The STEM Curriculum Hack

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

STEM Hub and Melbourne Girls Grammar School's (MGGS) (Centre for Educational Enterprise (CEE)), partnered to bring together STEM educators and STEM industry to co-create a vision for an integrated STEM curriculum.

The need for the STEM Curriculum Hack was spawned by an increasing national demand for an integrated STEM curriculum (Education Council, 2015) as well as a growing call for students to experience the relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes required by industry (Office of the Chief Scientist, 2013).

The one day hack saw over 70 educators and 10 industry professionals come together. Teams were introduced to KaosPilot's Vision Backcasting as a tool to design their shared vision for a transformative STEM curriculum.

Teams were guided through a process that enabled them to develop a STEM curriculum framework that aspired to deliver equally and authentically on skills and knowledge, and that included attitudes and mindsets necessary for student personal growth and development - the STEM curriculum developed with the integration of required industry skills.


STEM Hub would like to thank all our industry partners and educators who attended the hack. We'd also like to thank Ms. Francesca Conte (CEE Community Enterprise Manager) who made sure everything ran smoothly on the day. A special thank you goes out to Mr. Chris McNamara (MGGS Deputy Principal and CEE Director) for allowing us to host our event at the School's beautiful campus, and for working with us to bring our ideas to fruition.


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