Few other careers offer the opportunity for genuine responsibility, autonomy and impact from day one.  Through Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program, Associates develop the skills and experience to enable them to lead effectively, with the opportunity to make a tangible positive impact on students, schools and communities—every single day.

Over two years, Associates:
• teach at a school serving a low socioeconomic community, with full salary and benefits;
• earn a Master of Teaching (Secondary)(Professional Practice) on an assisted scholarship;
• participate in targeted professional development that is tailored to experience and context; and
• receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring to accelerate personal, professional and academic growth.

We’re looking for Bachelors Degree (all disciplines except Education) qualified candidates. This is a paid role, where your starting salary will be between $52,000 to $58,000 (depending on location).

Teach For Australia provides comprehensive training and support to accelerate personal and professional development throughout the program. Associates often progress into positions of leadership within schools very quickly, enabling a broadened capacity for impact. At the end of the program, Associates may take the next step in a teaching career, striving towards having even more impact on students, school and community, and continuing to master the art and science of being a transformational teacher.

Many Alumni also launch on exciting paths beyond the classroom, taking with them the invaluable skills and experience obtained through the Leadership Development Program. Whether you choose to continue teaching, or aspire to a career in business, policy, innovation or elsewhere, Teach For Australia will continue to inspire, connect and empower you to lead change. Challenge yourself to make a difference. Your time starts now.

How to apply

1. Register your interest here
We’ll ask for your contact and background information to confirm your eligibility for the program. This is so we can
help you put your best foot forward in the application, should you be eligible to apply.

2. Online application
You’ll be asked to provide details about your personal, professional and educational background, understanding of and commitment to our mission, leadership experience, and capacity for learning and self-evaluation. Get started at teachforaustralia.org/apply

Before you submit your application, find out more by attending an information session.

3. Phone interview
If your online application is successful you’ll be invited to participate in a phone interview. You’ll chat to a Teach For Australia representative for approximately 30 minutes about your application. This will allow us to better understand your experiences and motivations.

4. Selection Day
If you progress to this stage, you’ll be invited to a day of assessment activities including one-on-one interviews, a group activity and a sample teaching lesson.

5. Offer and placement
Once an offer is received and accepted, the process of matching Associates to an eligible partner school will begin. We aim to have placement confirmed by November of your intake year, allowing Associates time to connect with their school and plan for potential relocation.

Before applying for this position you need to create your online profile. Click the button below to continue.

About Teach for Australia

Teach For Australia is an innovative non-profit organisation and part of a global movement dedicated to improving equity in education. Our vision to achieve educational equity begins inside the classroom, but Associates don’t start out as teachers – they come from all academic disciplines and a variety of backgrounds. We look for well-rounded and passionate individuals, who have the qualities to create change.