The Queensland Government has funded the Queensland Water Modelling Network (QWMN) to develop a broad network and build the capacity of the modelling of surface water and groundwater resources in the state.

Through the QWMN Innovation Program, the QWMN will support innovation in the sector and enhance modelling capacity by placing a cohort of PhD students with host universities and key industry partners to carry out applied research in water modelling for natural resources management and environmental outcomes.

Applications close 18 February 2019. If a sufficiently high-quality application is recieved before 18 February 2019 for a scholarship, that scholarship may be awarded before the closing date. If you have already applied, that application is currently being processed.



As a PhD student (Innovation Associate), you will receive a stipend and generous top up, industry-relevant water modelling experience, and mentoring and personal development carried out through the university, industry partner and the QWMN. As an Innovation Associate you will be expected to become an industry leader in innovation and technology in the water modelling sector.


Titles of the PhD projects under the Innovation Program, and their respective university supervisors and industry partners, are:

Project 1: “Modelling water quality in ungauged Great Barrier Reef catchments”
(University of Southern Queensland / Bureau of Meteorology)

Project 2: “Fate and transport of sediment and pathogens in water supply reservoirs”
(The University of Queensland / Griffith University / Seqwater)

Project 3: “Human and climate driven pressures on groundwater and surface water resources of the Gold Coast”
(Griffith University / The University of Queensland / City of Gold Coast)

Project 4: “Quantifying evapotranspiration in groundwater dependent ecosystems”
(Queensland University of Technology / Queensland Government – Department of Environment and Science)



The student must meet the selection criteria of the host university to receive a stipend and fee waiver from the university, and to be eligible for a QWMN Innovation Associates top-up. A cover letter and a targeted CV need to be submitted by the applicant (see details in the section Instructions for Applicants). The selection of the PhD student for the QWMN will be based upon the:
• skills and expertise the applicant would bring to the project, to be outlined in the cover letter
• potential of the industry placement to enhance the applicant’s development, professionally and personally, also to be outlined in the cover letter
• relevant qualifications, skills and areas of expertise provided in the applicant’s targeted CV.

Applications will be considered from 20 December 2018 and close on 18 February 2019. Applications will be confirmed on their merit as they are received. Note, if a sufficiently high-quality application is received before 18 February 2019 for the scholarship, that scholarship may be awarded. Please contact qwmn@watercentre.org to see which scholarships remain open.


There are two steps to applying for a PhD scholarship under the QWMN Innovation Associates program. You must complete both steps in order to be considered for one of the four PhD scholarships.

Step 1
Once you have selected the project you are interested in, you must complete and submit an application to the relevant host university for that PhD project.

Step 2
You will also need to submit an application for the top-up scholarship to the QWMN. The application to the QWMN must include: confirmation of receipt of the PhD application (Step 1) to the host university, a targeted CV, and a 2-page cover letter.

To find out more either

  1. Click the APPLY FOR JOB button or
  2. Go to http://resourcemodeling.org/queensland-water-modelling-network-four-phd-scholarships/ and download the QWMN-Innovation-PRogram-PhD-scholarships.pdf  which you’ll find just under the page heading.

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