9 ways to set yourself up for job success post graduation!

You hear it all the time, that ‘Ps get degrees’, and that we’re only at university for a piece of paper. And it’s true, Ps do get degrees, and that a piece of paper could literally be all you end up with, but do they get jobs? Your experience at university, like a lot of other things in life, depend on what you put in. Tens of thousands of students graduate across the country every year, and if you’re doing the degree to make yourself more employable, you need to set yourself apart from the other applicants. That’s not to say that you should neglect your academics, or that you shouldn’t be giving it your all. There can be so much more to your university experience than just tutorials, lectures and the occasional careers fair landing in your inbox. Needless to say, getting involved with activities throughout the university and beyond allows you to meet new people, expand your network and learn new skills.

Keep in mind that whilst it’s great to get a broad understanding of everything, you should also focus on being productive, rather than just busy. There are heaps of opportunities and it’s easy to fill up your calendar, but you could also focus on filtering through to the events relevant to the industries and areas you would be interested in working in. Check out your student union for volunteering opportunities and a bunch of clubs. Clubs often run events that help you up-skill within your industry and promote opportunities like internships and grad roles. These clubs are another good way you can meet new people whom you may not otherwise bump into in the classroom. Who knows, you could find your next business partner, or meet a future love interest!

Throughout university there are opportunities to do hackathons and competitions regardless of your skill level or experience, there’s something for everyone. Beyond the university, there are opportunities for summer and winter internships, for industry mentoring and the like. At the end of your university career, the degree might get you in the door, or maybe you’ll have the exact same grades as another candidate. It’s the internships, the leadership positions and all the extracurricular you managed whilst completing your studies that will set you apart.

Here’s a list of things you can get involved with and use to upskill at RMIT:

  1. Over 100 clubs and societies like UMSU, RMITVictoria University, Sydney University, UNSW, Sydney TAFE, LaTrobe University, Homesglen, and the list could on so we’ll stop here. If there’s a club you’re after that doesn’t exist start your own!
  2. Volunteering through the Student Union (Admin, Welfare, Events, Student Rights)
  3. Volunteering at Open days, Orientation, University events
  4. Sports
  5. Hackathons (see Hackathons Australia for a comprehensive list)
  6. Ambassadorships
  7. Careers Fairs
  8. Global Mobility programs, such as the one held at the University of Melbourne
  9. University Micro-credentials, such as this one at Deakin University

And heaps more!

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