About Optiver

Optiver. It’s a combination of the Dutch words for ‘trading’ and ‘options'. And that’s what we do. We trade options (and other financial products) in the world's markets.

We don’t have clients. Or dress codes. We don’t have a stifling organisational hierarchy. And we don’t have the ego-driven culture you might be expecting from finance. That's not us. Our people are driven to solve open-ended problems in the most competitive market there is. We celebrate fast feedback and quick solutions.

Optiver has been around for more than 30 years. With more than 1000 people around the world working to improve the market, Optiver’s a quiet powerhouse of creative problem solving and collaboration. And we’re proud of our culture, designed to give you plenty of opportunity and support to do amazing things.

Our perks

We want the best and our people focused on delivery. So, we make life easy for you by taking care of the little things. Like lunch, which our in-house chefs prepare daily. And coffee, free from our barista. And fitness, with your free gym membership. There are also plenty of ways to unwind, from our games room and social clubs to our internal sports teams. And from our annual trip, Christmas party and other social events, you'll find time to meet your fellow Optiverians.

  • Graduate System Reliability Engineer

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