3 Quick and Easy Steps to Ensure your STEM Hub Profile is Great

Your STEM Hub profile is the foundation for your personal branding. Here are 3 simple things that you can do to improve your brand and get really noticed by industry employers!

1. Choose the right profile picture
Your profile picture is your calling card and the first thing employers look at. Ensure the picture is recent, and one of you.  You want your face to be in the middle of the image and a smile would be great. Please upload SQUARE image, i.e., 200×200 pixels but no bigger than 300×300 pixels (this is important)!

Having a good photo on your profile is the best way to show potential employers that you’re serious about getting a job.

2. Turn your ‘About Me’ into your story
Make sure you have a summary in your About Me section. This is the space you want to tell your perspective employer a little about yourself. Of course keep it professional so you want to add stuff about the skills you have and how they can benefit your potential employer.

3. List all of your relevant skills
We know that you’re just starting out in your career and most of you are still studying, but try to list out relevant skills that employers would want. For example, if you worked at a cafe or maybe still do, talk about Customer Service (dealing with difficult people), Time Management,  Stakeholder Management (managing expectations of varying people from Managers to customers), or Customer Advocacy (describing when you proactively investigated ways to provide a better service to your customers).  The key here is to think about what the employer wants.

If you find that you’re really struggling, get in touch with us – just go to Contact Us.  We’re here to help and we’ll work through your profile with you.


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